Water and Sewer Utility Design, O'Connor Boulevard, City of Irving, Texas

IEA is responsible for the design of utilities, traffic control plans (TCP), lighting and signals of this roadway reconstruction project in the highly developed urban area of Las Colinas. This project involves the replacement of the 6-lane divided thoroughfare with a traffic calming 4-lane divided thoroughfare. New roadway will include designated bicycle lanes and a speed table to make the complete design more pedestrian friendly. This section of roadway in Las Colinas represents the signature of the development due to its location to Williams Square.

Utilities: While finalizing the street concepts with the city, IEA has been in direct contact with city utility staff to discuss current conditions of the utilities and design issues. We have been coordinating with television inspection and slip-lining companies, to compare costs with conventional methods of construction for the 2,500 linear feet of 18” Vitrified Clay pipe (VCP) wastewater line which turns into a 30” VCP. IEA is also designing the replacement of 2,900 linear feet of 12” AC (Asbestos-Cement Pipe) water main and 2,900 linear feet of 8” AC water main with PVC.

Traffic Control Plan: In close coordination with the City of Irving, IEA developed two TCP concepts for the phasing of O’Connor and Las Colinas Boulevard. The first is a two-phase TCP that initially leaves traffic on the outside lanes in both directions for the construction of the median and the remaining 4-lanes, and then switches the traffic on to the completed inside lanes while phasing access to the driveways. The second concept completely closes a portion of the roadway and diverts traffic to parking garages by accessing from secondary roadways. This method will allow the contractor to completely build-out this section of road, thereby reducing the overall construction cost and schedule.

Traffic Engineering: IEA has also been coordinating extensively with the City of Irving Traffic Engineer to discuss modifications to the existing signals due to the impact of the proposed configuration change to O’Connor Boulevard. Multiple existing traffic signals are impacted by the project, and IEA is responsible for the redesign/modification of the traffic signals to fit the new configuration. The signal design is being performed incorporating City of Irving ADA ramp requirements, vehicle loop detection systems, etc. Consideration is also being given to interconnect multiple signals along O’Connor Boulevard.