US 82 Super 2, Terry and Yoakum Counties, TX, TxDOT

IEA was the prime consultant responsible for the rehabilitation of US 82 to “Super 2” status. IEA designed the roadway, set the plan and profile, developed Public Involvement Exhibits, and helped prepare the environmental document. IEA managed the surveying and SUE efforts. IEA was responsible for the QA/QC of all disciplines, and performed a “plan-in-hand” review of the design to ensure constructability.

We provided “Super 2” solutions. The solution provides passing lanes that are equally-spaced and in both directions. We overcame geometric challenges and minimized impacts to the environment, avoided taking of additional right-of-way, avoided ending passing lanes on a hill, avoided the transition from one lane to two at cross streets and driveways, avoided placement of a Super 2 when entering a town, and maintained stormflow drainage in the roadside ditches after the roadway widening.