Rehabilitate Airfield Lighting FY2012, DFW International Airport, Texas

IEA was the task leader for the electrical engineering services on this project. Our services included development and design of construction documents, bid phase support and construction administration for the Airfield Lighting Control Systems (ALCS) Expansion and Upgrade, and the design of the duct banks / airfield cables. The ALCS Expansion included connections to the Southwest, Northwest and East lighting vaults, the Electrical Shop, the Central FAA tower and the Airport Operations Center (AOC).

Our engineers designed secondary feeder duct banks and junction systems for Taxiway G and for Runway 18R/36L. This included the replacement of approximately 150,000 linear feet of 5KV cable, replacement of circuits in runway and taxiway duct banks with a single circuit per conduit system, and resistance values for the circuit.

We provided data collection; civil and electrical engineering design of the elements listed above; assistance during the bid phase; and support of construction activities through attendance at construction meetings, addressing RFI's, review and approval of shop drawings, and assistance with final walkthrough and closeout. We complied with all current FAA and DFW Design Criteria, Guidelines and Codes.