Maintenance Management Consultant (MMC) for NTTA

IEA’s involvement included asset management, life cycle cost analyses, pavement analyses and rehabilitation designs, review of PS&E packages for maintenance, and development of specifications. The contract was a multi-year program, which utilized work authorizations for individual studies.

Under this contract, IEA reviewed a Bent Cap Cracking Assessment Report dated August 2009.  The report documented cracking that was appearing on several of the NTTA’s bent cap.  It was IEA’s task to make recommendations based on IEA’s review of the field documentation.  In May of 2010, IEA did a shoulder investigation along the President George Bush Tollway where the asphalt shoulders were separating from the concrete mainlanes.  IEA prepared a report that analyzed the long-term reliability and maintainability for various repair methods.  IEA was responsible for the logistics for lane closures, scheduling of personnel and the field investigation.