Northpointe Boulevard Segment 2, Harris County, TX

IEA Inc. was the Prime Consultant responsible for management and design for the 0.6-mile-widening of the existing 2-way, 2-lane roadway to 4-lane divided with curb and gutter.

Roadway Design: IEA designed the roadway in accordance with Harris County Engineering Department requirements. The project constructs a half boulevard roadway section. The proposed profile incorporated the Stage 1 inlets placed with the original half boulevard section was constructed. IEA ensured compliance with minimum grade requirements outlined by the Harris County geometric design criteria. IEA performed extensive utility coordination due to the fully developed nature of the project. IEA designed sidewalk upgrades to current ADA ramp standards. 

Drainage Design: IEA developed an existing condition baseline Storm Water Management (SWMM) model to establish existing peak discharge, velocities, stage storage relationships, and hydraulic grade lines (HGLs) throughout the study area. This model included several large regional detention ponds in residential neighborhoods, storm sewer pipes, and culverts. Once the existing conditions were established, IEA focused on developing the proposed conditions model. IEA updated the proposed impervious area from the new roadway surface and integrated the proposed storm sewer pipes into the model. To mitigate these increases, IEA designed linear storage locations in key areas within the proposed storm sewer system.

Pictured: Existing Conditions - Left: Northpointe Boulevard Intersection; Middle: Northpointe Boulevard near a local Park; Right - Noncompliant Existing Sidewalk