Legacy Trail Park Pedestrain Bridge Design, City of Plano, TX

The project involves the construction of 3 pedestrian bridges along Legacy Trail Park in Plano, TX. The bridges are 70’, 80’, and 90’ long, and all 3 bridges are 12’ wide. The ends of all the bridges opened to a hardscaped paved platform approximately 1’ to 3’ above ground that flared outward as a kind of viewing platform.

The initial geometry of the platform had the appearance of a trapezoid in plan view, which required the width of the platform to be wider than the 12’ wide superstructure. This would have required an unnecessarily long abutment. Also, being so low to the ground it would have required excavation just to place the abutment concrete.

IEA proposed changing the hardscape platform geometry to the 12’ bridge width at the superstructure location and would gradually taper out from there. The change was reviewed and approved by the lead firm of the project.