Taxiway L Reconstruction, DFW International Airport, Texas

IEA was the Team Leader and Design Manager for the reconstruction of Taxiway L at DFW International Airport. This project includes the completed design for the reconstruction of 12,100 linear feet and 1,661,040 square feet of Taxiway LIMA.

The concrete taxiway, asphalt shoulders, pavement marking, edge drain, and electrical lighting elements will be demolished and reconstructed. Site work consists of excavation of excess soils to accommodate thicker proposed pavement section, construction of an underdrain structure, pavements and pavement markings. Also included is the installation of new electrical lighting cable, Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting fixtures with constant current regulators, and secondary feeders for Taxiway LIMA. All new concrete, asphalt, and lighting components were designed in compliance with Aircraft Design Group (ADG) VI standards and Taxiway Design Group (TDG) 7 standards.

IEA’s primary responsibilities involved project management, geometric design, pavement grading, pavement joint design, and development of specifications and other construction documents. Pavement geometry for Taxiway L was redesigned to allow aircraft turning movements that meet current FAA criteria for ADG VI and TDG 7. IEA provided bidding services, and is available to DFW Airport for any RFIs or Changes Order needs in the field.

Other duties involved facilitating the designs by other team member firms, which included electrical, demolition, drainage and utilities. IEA was responsible for QA/QC, design coordination and construction phase services with DFW Airport staff members.