O'Connor Boulevard Improvement Project, City of Irving, Texas

IEA was responsible for the design of water main replacement, traffic control plans (TCP), street lighting, and signals for this roadway reconstruction project in the highly developed urban area of Las Colinas. This project involved the replacement of the 6-lane divided thoroughfare with a traffic calming 4-lane divided thoroughfare. New roadway will include designated bicycle lanes and a speed table to make the complete design more pedestrian-friendly. This section of roadway in Las Colinas represents the signature of the development due to its location to Williams Square.

Utilities: While the design team was finalizing the street concepts with the City, IEA was in direct contact with City utility staff to discuss water main design options, current conditions of other City-owned utilities, and other design issues. IEA designed the replacement of 2,900 LF of 12” AC water main and 2,900 LF of 8” AC water main with PVC mains.

Traffic Control Plan: In close coordination with the City of Irving, IEA developed TCP concepts for the phasing of O’Connor Boulevard. The TCP for phases of construction closed portions of the roadway and diverted traffic to secondary roadways, and coordinated temporary access for stakeholders.

Traffic Engineering: IEA coordinated with the City of Irving Traffic Engineer to discuss modifications to the existing signals due to the impact of the proposed configuration change to O’Connor Boulevard. Multiple existing traffic signals were impacted by the project, and IEA was responsible for the redesign/modification of the traffic signals to fit the new roadway configuration. The signal design incorporated the new pedestrian amenities and vehicular lanes.